About Us


It’s Our Little Secret (IOLS) is a non-profit organization comprised of volunteers dedicated to providing a voice to emotionally, physically, and sexually abused children and teens through advocacy, creative expression and various programs. It is IOLS’ mission to promote a healthy recovery for the abused children and youth, and to stop the destructive future behavioral patterns of the abused towards their own and other children.

It’s Our Little Secret’s goal is to make a difference in the lives of the children and youth through our various programs and services. It is our goal that the youth that we serve will learn to love themselves and enjoy life, learn to LIVE and not just survive.


Non-Profit Status                                                

It’s Our Little Secret is organized as a nonprofit corporation, and operates under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and is, therefore, exempt from federal and state income taxes, except as to unrelated business income.

Contributions to It’s Our Little Secret are deductible under section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code. It’s Our Little Secret Inc. Federal Taxpayer I.D. Number is 27-1091802. *990N Submitted for 2009 to 2015


Board of Directors

Kristie Sams, Executive Director

My dedication and passion for IOLS comes not only from my own experiences with abuse but from an innate and moral duty to be a voice for children, teens and adults who have suffered abuse at the hand of someone else.  I have a degree in Finance from DePaul University and own a Full-Service Event Planning Firm.  I believe entrepreneurship and philanthropy go hand and hand and I am very proud to have co-founded IOLS in 2009.

Maebelle Obispo, Executive Director

I have learned how to live not just survive the abuses I endured. I don’t allow it to dictate my life and took control instead of victimizing myself.  For me, it was a couple sentences that my DCFS worker told me, you will one day turn 18 and you will have the choice never to be like your parents. You have the choice. And you can be better. From that point on, after I turned 18, I lived. And as Kristie will attest, we both want to show children and youths that have experienced that same trauma that they do not have to perpetuate the cycle. They too have choices and we believe in them. Just as my DCFS worker believed in me.

Danielle Davis-Foster, Executive Director – Bio to follow.

John Foster, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) – Bio to follow.

Program Staff

Kelly Hilton, MA,NCC (Support Group Liaison)                                                

Kelly has a master’s degree in counseling from the University of North Carolina. Kelly has worked as a school counselor at Marian Central Catholic High Scholl for the past three years. Prior to working as a guidance counselor, Kelly was employed at KinderMourn, a non-profit agency in Charlotte, North Carolina. As the children’s program director, Kelly conducted individual counseling sessions and lead structured support groups for grieving children/youth who had experienced the death of a close loved one. Throughout her career, Kelly has worked with children ages 4-18 with a focus on positive decision-making skills.

Aaron Mays, BA (Uh-Uh Play for IOLS)                                                           

Aaron Mays is an up-and-coming Chicago playwright. While attending Northwestern University, Aaron found a passion for theater where three of his plays were produced, two of which he directed. In 2007, he was commissioned to write a new play for Northwestern University’s African American Theater Ensemble, titled “The Street Corner.” Recently, his work has been performed by AstonRep Theater and Dramatist Personae.

Nina Apciauri (Illustrator for You Can Be A Hero Book)