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About Us

i.o.l.s. (it's our little secret 501(c)3

The mission of IOLS is to promote healthy recovery for abused children, teens, and adults; and to stop the destructive future behavioral patterns of the abused toward others. IOLS is a non-profit organization of volunteers dedicated to providing a voice for abused children, teens, and adults through various programs, initiatives, advocacy, and mentoring.


“My dedication and passion for IOLS comes not only from my own experiences with personal abuse but from an innate and moral duty to be a voice for children, teens and adults who have suffered abuse at the hand of someone else….

I believe entrepreneurship and philanthropy go hand and hand and I am very proud to have co-founded IOLS in 2009.  Thank you to the hundreds of volunteers that have believed in the cause I love so dearly." - Kristie Sams  

Meet The Team


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